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10 Things UConn Seniors Really Want For Christmas

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

First, let’s set the mood: 

With the holidays coming up and everyone making their Christmas lists, here are some things that UConn Seniors really want this year:

1.  A paying job

2.  Or to get into grad school

3.  A fully furnished apartment at a reasonable price

4.  Unlimited points and flex passes

5.  A fast pass to the front of the Dunkin line because #seniority

6.  For all of our parking tickets to be voided

7.  A new bar on campus

8.  To be excused from all finals

9.  For tuition to be what it was freshman year

10.  To never graduate

Merry Christmas, everybody!

Jackie is a senior at UConn studying Actuarial Science and Finance. She's low-key addicted to alternative breaks, Netflix and Lifesaver "Wint O Green" mints. In her free time, she enjoys ordering late night food, pretending to be sporty, and throwing impromptu dance parties in her room. You can find her on Twitter @xowackiejackie.