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10 Things to Do Instead of Starting Your Career

It’s April. You’re actually, somehow, about to finally graduate. And when all of your relatives are done congratulating you, they’re all going to ask you the same thing: So, what are you doing next?

The thing is, you don’t know yet. Finding a job is stressful, and it takes a long time to get one that you actually want.

So, here are ten things to do after graduation instead of getting a career.


1. Take a gap year

Everyone else got to take one before college. Why shouldn’t you get to take a break after?


2. Go back to your summer job

You don’t have to get started right away. Take some time to settle in and figure out your next move. Use your old part-time job to save up a little money for when you finally take the leap and move out to start your real career.


3. Reconnect with your home friends

You’ve all been busy and away at different schools for four years. Sure, you talked, but now that you’re all graduated, you can hang out like old times and catch up on all the little things you’ve missed.


4. Travel

You’ve spent most of your life busy with school, and you’re about to spend the rest of it busy with work. Take some time to see the world before you’re tied down.


5. Build up your skills

Take a leadership class, resume workshop, or something similar. Better yourself so that you’re more marketable on the job market when you are ready for your career.


6. Build extracurricular skills

Work isn’t the only thing that matters. Take that one thing you always really wanted to learn, like the piano or how to write a novel, and take the time to finally do it!


7. Visit college friends

You only have a short period of time where you’re all still close together, before everybody moves out and settles down. Treasure it while you can. You don’t have to say goodbye yet.


8. Spend time with family

Some good family bonding never hurts. Besides, it might help your parents not be so annoyed that you’re still living under their roof.


9. Get involved in your community

You know how you always tell people that you love your hometown but never had time to get involved because you’ve been busy with school? Well, now you have time.


10. Get some R&R

You’ve been in school for at least sixteen years now. You deserve some time to breathe, and to ruin your sleep schedule for days to come.




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