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10 Struggles of Choosing Housing

Since the time for picking housing is upon us, why not share some struggles that we all know too well when it comes to this time of the school year? If you hate decision making like I do, picking where you are going to live next semester just means your anxiety is going to increase this week on top of everything else you have to deal with.  Here are 10 things we all deal with when picking housing at UConn:

When you don't know who to room with...

...or where you should live:

Having to make sure you have an alternate p​lan in case you don't get the housing you want:

When people start asking you where you're going to live next year, completely unaware that it is the source of all your anxiety:

The fact that you also have to take in consideration how far away your cla​sses are and if you want a meal plan or not:

You and your roommate/s all trying to make a final agreement on where to live:

When the day of choosing finally arrives, you are so ready for this process to be over with:

The Hunger Games that is housing selection begins; you either get the housing you want or you don't:

Whatever happens, you'll make the best of the housing you're left with:

Either way, you get the joy of being done with the process when it's all said and done:

Check out our All Housing is Not Equal article to take a look at different living options around campus and see what's best for you!

Happy housing Hunger Games Huskies! May your credits be ever in your favor.





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