10 Reasons Why Wine Is a Girl's Best Friend

Happy February 18th, also known as National Drink Wine Day! In celebration of the most important (and typically unrecognized) holiday of the year, it’s important to take a moment to sit back to remember how important wine is to so many of us.


1.  Wine is always there for you.


2.  Wine can make you feel like you can conquer anything.


3.  There's a wine for every occasion.


4.  Boys suck. Wine doesn’t.


5.  No other drink brings people together like wine does.


6.  Even Jesus says wine is a-okay.


7.  Wine is good for you!


8.  Because wine makes everyone look classy and feel sophisticated

...or not.


9.  It's portable.


10.  Wine can help you through any problem.


As the saying goes, there’s nothing a bottle of wine can’t fix, so enjoy National Drink Wine Day and drink responsibly collegiettes!