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BTS performing at the 2021 Grammy Awards
BTS performing at the 2021 Grammy Awards
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10 K-Pop Songs That Give “Spring Vibes”

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

K-pop, short for Korean Pop, is one of the most listened-to genres of music in today’s day and age. Now that we’re finally in the season of spring, it’s time to listen to K-pop songs that are perfect to listen to this season. Below are my top picks for this category, and they range from being several years old to being released just a few days ago! Trust me, these songs will put a smile on your face and make you feel like that girl!

Note: these are NOT ranked!

1) “Lilac”: IU

This was the first song I immediately thought of when I heard the word “spring.” The song is like a fresh, ice-cold glass of water on a beautiful, hot day. Her voice makes it all the more aesthetically pleasing to the ears and adds to the fact that lilacs are one of my favorite flowers; this song is a 1000/10 for me!

2) “Spring Day”: BTS

“Spring” in the title makes perfect sense, music-wise. The music itself sounds melancholic, and it can elicit an emotional response. I would literally describe this song as a sentimental, rainy spring day.

3) “Polaroid Love”: ENHYPEN

If this sounds familiar, then you probably heard it before, as it went viral on TikTok in 2022 when it was released! This melodic song captures the heart of many ENGENES (Enhypen’s fandom name) as the lyrics talk about love and romance through a Polaroid picture.

Fun Fact: I’m going to their concert on May 3, 2024 in New York (I’m SO excited)!


This has to be one of the most bubbly, energetic, and cheerful songs from a K-pop girl group I’ve heard so far! Though released years ago, it’s been recently trending on social media. It gives “feel good” vibes and I definitely feel like the main character when I listen to this song.

5) “Magnetic”: ILLIT

ILLIT debuted only a few days ago, and yet their debut song, “Magnetic,” was a massive success! It’s a very girly, trendy song where the music can be very addicting to teenage girls such as myself. It’s topping charts for a reason as everyone loves a cute song to listen to when thinking about their crush.

6) “Butterfly”: BTS

Everyone knows BTS and their popular songs, however not everyone knows their lesser-known tracks, “Butterfly” being one of them. If I had to describe it, I’d say that it makes me want to go outside and take in the sunlight and nature. The lyrics dive deep into one’s self-discovery, as using a butterfly as a metaphor for how life is short and to make the most of it.


“Blue hour” is at 5:53 p.m. in Seoul, South Korea, when the sun is setting and everything becomes dark for a moment. To learn more, check out this interview from ELLE magazine! The song is so addicting, and the group’s youthful concept goes great with the song. Enjoy living in the moment and appreciate your surroundings!

Fun Fact: I might go to their concert in June!

8) “Leave”: Stray Kids

If you’re going through a breakup, or still love someone that you no longer have, then this song might just be the one for you. It describes the feeling of loneliness and pain after going through a heartbreak while also still loving that person deeply. Sad, I know, but I think it could help anyone going through it.

Fun Fact: Stray Kids use gender neutral pronouns in all their songs!

9) “Pretty U”: SEVENTEEN

I wish I was into K-pop during the mid-2010s because of this song. It’s such a fun, happy-going song; it (literally) talks about how a girl is so pretty that they don’t know how to confess their feelings to her. What else to do but sing about how pretty she is, cute right?

10) “Dimple”: BTS

If you couldn’t guess from the title, the song is about dimples. As we know by now. there’s always a deeper meaning behind BTS songs, and the lyrics explain it beautifully. Essentially, it’s about showing love towards another’s insecurity, as an example, they used dimples (as most people are somewhat insecure about them, me included). It’s a feel-good song, and every time I listen to it, I feel confident in smiling and showing my dimple!


It’ll soon be two years since I got into K-pop. BTS was the group that got me into K-pop, and since then, I’ve been a loyal ARMY. I dove deeper into the K-pop world and discovered more groups and artists, and the amount of beautiful, hype songs I discovered was enough for me to abandon Western pop music. If you’re a hardcore K-pop stan like me, then I’m sure you’ve been around the block with these songs. But, if you’re new to K-pop, give these songs a listen and I’m almost positive that you’ll want to join the K-pop community!

Ashley Bejar writes fun and informative articles for the Her Campus chapter at UConn! She is from Bridgeport, CT and comes from an all-Peruvian family. Ashley is currently a sophomore, first-gen, psychology and human development & family sciences double major at the University of Connecticut! In high school, she worked and presented a Capstone project. This included a year of research/experimenting, writing an article of the data, and presenting the findings to a panel of judges. She also writes original stories for fun on the internet. Aside from writing articles, Ashley is involved in numerous clubs and organizations. She is an avid KPOP listener and loves to learn the dances and is a member of the UConn KPOP group Seoular. She loves to work a lot with children as well. In the future, she hopes to be a child psychologist/therapist! On campus activities include community outreach (specifically with children), acting in plays & musicals for UConn Dramatic Paws, and dancing to a multitude of genres of music!