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Music In the Air: Summer Breeze Preview

On May 14, Wale, Crystal Castles, The Walkmen, and Milkman will perform at the University of Chicago for the annual spring quarter Summer Breeze Music Festival. The concert will take place in Hutchinson Courtyard following the Summer Breeze Carnival (which will have such marvelous attractions as inflatable houses, free food, and…a hypnotist show?!). Organized by the Major Activities Board, Summer Breeze dates back to the 1980s and has previously featured the likes of Beck, Eminem, and The Roots. This year the lineup includes a diverse collection of artists to satisfy a variety of preferences.
To prep for the concert, read on for previews of the performing artists and their songs.
For all the rap enthusiasts, Wale is a rapper hailing from D.C. known for his wordplay and go-go infused tracks. Wale’s debut album released in 2009, “Attention Deficit,” sampled such tracks as Steam’s “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” and Yann Tiersen’s “La Valse D’Amélie.” At 26 years old, Wale is fairly young and has only recently begun burgeoning within the rap industry. With a second album and a couple extra mixtapes predicted for release within the next year, Wale will continue to provide more hits blessed with his wordplay and rhyme.
-Song You May Have Heard: “Chillin” (feat. Lady Gaga)
-Song You Should Listen To: “Diary” (feat. Marsha Ambrosius)
Crystal Castles is an electronic duo from our neighbor up north, Canada. With her jet black pixie cut and heavily-rimmed eyes, Alice Glass provides the vocals for Crystal Castles while Ethan Kath controls the instruments and production. Crystal Castles is known for their hectic shows and as someone who has seen them perform live, the word “hectic” does not cover it. While Kath often hides behind the tables, hood on head, Alice partakes in the occasional stage dive and has no reservations about screaming in people’s faces (They love it.). The duo does, however, have tracks like “Celestica” that are more low-key and, might I even say, serene.
-Song You May Have Heard: “Alice Practice”
-Song You Should Listen To: “Black Panther”
For those who have an affinity for rock, The Walkmen will be performing. Described by their fans as “extremely underrated,” The Walkmen may be less well-known than their Summer Breeze counterparts, but there is a reason for the steadfast devotion of their fan base: The Walkmen are super talented. The Walkmen have a diverse sound with songs that have a rock feel comparable to U2 and songs that are more folk-y in their tunes. The band’s vocals, provided by Hamilton Leithauser, are supported by the four other members’ beautiful instrumentation—all of which makes for a great set.
-Song You May Have Heard: “The Rat”
-Song you Should Listen To: “Canadian Girl”
Finishing off the lineup is Milkman, the stage alias of San Diego native and mash-up artist, Gregg Luskin. Fusing the sounds of hip-hop, dance, and rock, Milkman creates songs that make it impossible for one to sit still. With a mash-up artist like Milkman, whose songs include an eclectic mix of genres (e.g. combining Peter Frampton’s “Baby, I Love Your Way” with Black Eyed Peas. Who would’ve thought?), the set is bound to attract listeners of all types of music.
-Song You May Have Heard: “Let’s Go” (feat. Owl City, Too Short, Beyoncé, and many others)
-Song You Should Listen To: “Silhouette” (The Who acts as a backdrop for hip-hop verses)
If you haven’t gotten a ticket and wish to do so, stop by the MAB table at Reynolds Club, 15 bucks in hand (20 if you happen to be a staff member), or use your card to buy one online at http://ubazaar.uchicago.edu.

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