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JZ’s Food Journeys: La Boulangerie


Since it is Senior Spring, I decided to take advantage of my friend’s car and we ventured down to Logan Square to visit this authentic French bakery & pastry shop. La Boulangerie is known for its baguettes that restaurants throughout Chicago buy, and according to my friend, it sells the closest thing to real Parisian baguettes!

When I walked in, the environment was very cozy and it was as if I was in Paris during Spring time. Fresh crepes were made on the side and they were baking a variety of breads; my senses were going haywire! To start off, my friend and I each ordered a crepe. I had the Wisconsin, which was a crepe stuffed with chicken, brie, apples, and avocado which at first, I was afraid would be a very strange combination. But it was delicious! The avocado, brie and chicken were very savory and the tartness of the apple would be a great way to cleanse my palate and then start again!

Afterwards, we went to buy our baked goods for the road. After meticulously examining the huge variety of baguettes, I finally decided to get their garlic baguette, which has fresh, whole cloves of garlic baked into every bite! I also got 4 macaroons: lemon poppyseed, pink peppercorn, mango and chocolate. My favorite hands down was the lemon poppy seed with its really creamy and sweet feeling.

La Boulangerie has two locations in Chicago, one in Logan Square and one in Lakeview. I highly recommend going to Logan Square to explore the area and there are a lot of cute shops around the area to enjoy! I hope you can make the trip at some point and be sure to take home a baguette for the road!

As always, for more pictures and posts, feel free to visit my food blog!

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