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Chih-Wei Wu ’16

Name: Chih-wei Wu
Year: First-year
Major: Biology or Biochemistry.
Hometown: Tainan, Taiwan

Activities/RSO’s: Chicago Debate Society, Health Leads, MUNUC
Ideal Meal: Medium-rare ribeye. Bubble tea. More bubble tea.
Most played song on iTunes: Apocalypse Please by Muse
Pet peeve: Drivers who switch lanes and then switch back a couple seconds later. Make up your mind about what lane you want to be in.
City you’d like to visit: London
Secret talent: Being able to fall asleep almost anywhere
Favorite thing to do in Chicago: There’s a great Japanese store out in the suburbs called Tensuke Market that has great sushi. And it’s close to other Japanese/Korean supermarkets for me to load up on all things Asian.
Ideal Summer Breeze lineup: Watsky, Kanye, Muse, Lady Gaga, Two Door Cinema Club, Mumford & Sons
Something on your bucket list: Take a trip around the world.

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