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Charity Made Easy: How you can donate by being a couch potato or athlete


What if you could donate just by surfing the web?

Now you can. A new app, Tab for a Cause, allows web surfers to donate one-tenth to one-fifth of a cent every time they open a tab in Firefox or Chrome. Each tab links directly to a page populated with articles about social issues and banner ads. 100% of the ad revenue goes to charities such as Human Rights Watch and Save the Children.

Best of all, web users don’t have to pay a penny. Advertising partners and sponsors donate in their place in exchange for free publicity. Tab for a Cause has already raised thousands of dollars this way, and with others’ help, can raise thousands more.

A similar iPhone and Android app, Charity Miles, allows athletes to raise money simply by exercising. Users earn 25 cents for every mile they run or walk, and 10 cents for every mile they bike. Users then share their activity on Facebook or Twitter for charities such as Feeding American and Habitat for Humanity to receive donations. Like Tab for a Cause, users don’t pay out of pocket; rather, corporate sponsors contribute in their stead. 

Whether, you’re a web-surfing couch potato or lively athlete, you can donate on a day-to-day basis. Download Tab for a Cause at http://www.tabforacause.org/ and Charity Miles at http://www.charitymiles.org/.

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