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Campus Cutie “Finals” Edition: Harry the UChicago Squirrel

With all the stress that comes with finals week—the cramming, late night studying, and thermoses full of coffe— we can all use a good laugh and diversion from studying. So, without further adieu here is this week’s UChicago HC Cutie:

Name: Harry the UChicago Squirrel

Favorite Activities: Long runs through the quad, sunbathing on campus benches, running dangerously close to students, and of course my favorite, rummaging through the ol’ Bartlett garbage can.  

Career Aspirations: First, to become the squirrel king of campus and dethrone my sister, Cheeks, and most importantly, to take over the world one campus at a time.

Favorite Place on Campus: Botany Pond (I like to keep my tail shiny and clean)

How does it feel to be part of a UChicago slogan
I mean I always knew we were cute- have you seen my tail?

So UChicago, do you think the age-old slogan “University of Chicago: Where the squirrels are more aggressive than the guys, and cuter than the girls” still stands? Let us know in the comments! And, keep an eye out for Harry!
Happy Studying!

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