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4 Ways to Celebrate Your Love This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and with it comes high expectations. Over the past few years, Valentine’s Day seems to have become more about finding the perfect gift, while the true meaning behind the holiday gets forgotten. Valentine’s Day should be a day to celebrate the love in your life, and last time I checked, that didn’t include Siri. Instead of stressing out about finding your SO the perfect gift, put your creativity to the test and create a day that you’ll both remember. Check out these 4 ideas to celebrate your love this Valentine’s Day:

1) Appeal to the senses

Your SO loves food. You love your SO. What better way to show your love than preparing a home-cooked meal? Surprise him/her with his favorite eats and watch a movie from the comfort of your house. Nothing is more romantic than cuddling on the couch on a cold winter night. For dessert, keep it simple with freshly-baked cookies (heart-shaped, of course!) Your SO will appreciate the simplicity, and nothing will please him/her more than a satisfied stomach and a night spent together.

2) Get crafty

Not the baking type? No problem! Put your creative skills to the test and craft a Valentine’s-themed gift basket. This basket can be filled with anything, such as sweets, a music mixtape, or his/her favorite movie. Personalize it by choosing items relating to your SO’s interests. Throw in gourmet beans for the coffee drinker, funky ear buds for the music buff, or a smartphone arm pocket for the gym rat. Showing that you know your SO demonstrates your love, which will make your SO love you even more. Plus, you’ll have fun with the designing process!

3) Go outdoors

Sitting inside a crowded restaurant with a two-hour wait is not romantic. Instead, venture out into the cold for a romantic night ice-skating. Uncoordinated on the ice? Even better! You and your SO will share laughs as you hold each other up. When you can’t bear the cold any long, end the night with a sweet cup of hot cocoa? Talk about an ideal winter evening!

4) Hit a home-run

Buy tickets to an upcoming sporting event and celebrate the day of love sharing hotdogs and drinks. Your SO will love having the opportunity to spend time with you and with his/her favorite team. Unlike watching a movie at the theatres, going to a sporting event involves active participation and communication. You and your SO will have tons of fun yelling with the crowd and chatting during breaks. If your SO’s not a sports fan, you can buy tickets to an upcoming concert or any other event. What truly matters is the time spent together.

What ever you chose to do, just keep in mind the true meaning of the day. The whole purpose is to celebrate your love for each other, which no material object can do. Time well spent is priceless, and reminds your SO why (s)he fell in love with you. At the end of the day, you’re all that matters.



Have a love- filled Valentine’s Day!

I am a first year undergraduate student at the University of Chicago with a love for fashion, beauty, health, and fitness. I am majoring in Economics and minoring in English and Creative Writing. Go Maroons!
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