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Meet Pooja, the Blogger Behind Dash of Style

Fashion can be a given talent to anyone who seeks it. As a fashion student, I have often looked up a lot of bloggers and YouTubers who are willing to share their style ideas with the world, even if they are not paid. Among them is Her Campus UBalt’s very own Pooja Tiwari. Pooja started a fashion and lifestyle blog three years ago called Dash of Style, intended for girls of all ages to style up and have fun. ‘It covers everything from different styles to DIY Mains to DIY crafts, travel, and just anything that I do in my daily life,’ says Pooja. ‘I’ve always loved styling and putting together outfits. Everything inspires me from the runways, to magazines, reality TV shows, Pinterest patterns on furniture and fabric, but most importantly, people watching on the streets.’

Pooja initially started the blog for fun. The popularity of the blog created an opportunity to start a more professional outlet that has become the blog today. Dash of Style features daily outfit of the days, food recipes and nail tutorials. Outfits, which look to be inspired by seasons, are created to remain fashionable in all aspects and the nail art, which are inspired by Pinterest and Laura Conrad, inspired by the holidays. Colored with quality pictures of every day outfits, meals and just simple family fun, the Pooja gives back to many girls an inspiring message to live the life in doing everything passionately. Regarding her food recipes, Pooja states that she and her sister team up to creatively turn things up to their liking. ‘She is an awesome cook and I love learning with her. [My mom] can make recipes out of two ingredients and make you fall in love.’ Casual lunch meals do serve as such an inspiration for many readers.

The widespread blog has received a good amount of feedback from fans who are not shy to respond. ‘My readers either leave comments or send me personal emails. I LOVE when I hear what my readers are thinking and recommend’. Pooja also sites inspiration not only from artists such as Lauren Conrad but also from her family who inspire her food recipes and are her biggest supporters. ‘My family is my number one supporters and inspiration for the blog and in life. I am extremely blessed for my family and close friends for continuously supporting my dreams and helping me grow.’

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Kebron Tesfaye is an Ethiopian blogger and fan fiction writer. Her fan fiction works can be found at quotev.com and her blogs include Everyday Diaries and a Devotional Blog. Having grown up outside of the United States, Kebron now attends the University of Baltimore where she is studying English. Her website can be found at www.kebrontesfaye.weebly.com.
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