Polished by Crown Beauty Bar

My favorite place to get my nails done here in Fayetteville is Crown Beauty Bar. I love looking at my glimmering new polish every time I go there! Karen usually does mine, but I have seen the work of the other women and their talent amazes me. What's even better is that Crown Beauty Bar has a Tuesday and Wednesday special where you can get a shellac mani for only $25 (but don't forget to tip)! Now tell me a new shimmering polish doesn't sound lovely to look at while you are studying for exams? Schedule an appointment here or call them at 479-935-4070. They are located at 509 W Spring St, Ste 215 (close to Dickson Street) in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 

Pictured below are some of my favorite nail polish colors for fall that Crown Beauty Bar has. Pictured above, I am wearing Crimson Sash (3rd from the left) and Locket Love (5th from the left) for the leopard print nail.

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