Dear BFF of a Leader

Dear BFF of a leader,I am a leader like her.Even coffee and sleep

Can't really keep the days from seeming like a blur.

School & Sorority,Boys and home and fun.Internships, a wrecked car...

Oh, yeah, and my laundry isn't done.

I have a job.I have a cat.I have a rabbit, a hedgehog...

But I want a dog. And a bird. And sometimes a baby a hamster.

I just wanna try it.Because I wanna try everything.It's my blessing and my curse.

Because wanting everything usually makes me want something else even worse.

Like recognition or thanks.You know - sleep and a day off.You'd seriously think I would learn...

But don't ask me why I keep taking things on, it isn't any of your concern.

But maybe it is,And maybe I appreciate it.Because sometimes I need a hug or a fight, just to be reminded

That everything is alright.