Wetzel's Pretzels is Finally Open in HUB

The HUB location of the pretzel chain Wetzel’s Pretzels finally opened up for operation this past Monday right beside Cookies by George. It was met with a lot of excitement considering they had been promising to start serving pretzels since all the way back in the Fall of 2018. Finally, after hearing nothing for months, Wetzel’s posted a sign last Wednesday announcing that they would be open in “5 Days”. Needless to say I was absolutely thrilled with this news.


I wasn’t aware that everyone would be as excited as me about this new carb offering on campus until I proceeded to head down HUB to score some pretzels after my classes on Monday. Things appeared to be relatively normal until I reached the A&W and I saw the massive traffic jam of students blocking it and the Cookies by George next door. At first I thought there must be something wrong, but it was actually just the massive line for pretzels. I proceeded to awkwardly find the end of the line and watch in pity as people tried to bypass the crowd in order to buy coffee at Cookies by George. I definitely regretted not bringing a friend with me as I ended up waiting in line for more than half an hour. I also questioned why I decided to check it out at the 12 o’clock lunch rush when I was basically free for the next several hours.


Everywhere I looked throughout the rest of the day, the yellow Wetzel’s packaging dominated the library tables and hands everywhere. People were definitely enjoying the delicious offerings including pretzel bits with cheese, pizza pretzels, jalapeno cheese pretzels, and pretzel dogs.


I think it will for sure continue to be a popular place in HUB for a while, with its unique, tasty, and relatively reasonably priced snack and lunch options. Plus, they’re offering 50% off lemonades during the first two weeks of operation until March 15.