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Top 5 Insta-Worthy Fall Inspired Hangouts in YEG

The Most Obvious One: Edmonton Corn Maze

With opening late August, the corn maze should be everyone’s number one destination to get into the spirit of Edmonton’s shortest (and in my own personal opinion, BEST) season! Not only does the corn maze offer different photo ops within and outside the maze – there are also spud guns, in-ground bouncy pillows and a small area for seeing and petting farm animals! This is a spot you’re not going to want to miss out on because as the nights get colder the corn grows older!


Cost: $13


Another Fall Fav: Pumpkin Patch!

Somerset Pumpkin Farms offers a fun afternoon of finding that perfect pumpkin to put your house into the spooky mood, or to offer a fun fall addition inside or outside! Located just west of Edmonton, grab your friends, put on some less than fashionable shoes(you’re going to want to be practical for the pumpkin fields, but that’s what cropping is for) and take some pics to get your insta feed feeling all the pumpkin-spice vibes!


Cost: Varies on what you choose to do


An Easily Accessible One for Students: UofA Campus!

Seriously, campus during fall is beyond description. Stop by the Old Arts building to get all sorts of beautiful (even if they’ll be slightly typical) shots. To take it up a notch, circle on behind Humanities and visit Rutherford House. Home of the first Premier of Alberta and now a historical site, this building offers gorgeous backdrops and the red brick colour works wonders with the fall fashion tones! Bonus: What an easy and fun way to take that much-needed study break!


Cost: Free!


Just a Hop, Skip, and a Jump to the next site: Edmonton’s very own River Valley!

This hang out is perfect all year, but during autumn you get a golden essence that works wonders behind the lens. Take a stroll down any of the many sections of this vastly breathtaking inner-city nature zone and there will definitely be an insta-inspired moment for you! With the valley expanding over many kilometers, you have every chance to take a step away from the hustle and bustle of downtown and reconnect with nature. Whether your preferred background is trees, water, parks, stairs or even swings!!, the river valley offers a plethora of diversity that makes for a full day of fun. And not to mention, these pics can easily be re-used later on if you work with your settings!  


Cost: Surprise! Nature costs nothing but respect and love (please don’t leave a mess or walk through unpaved spaces)


The perfect end to October’s take over: Fort Edmonton Park

The Park’s beauty resonates heavily year-round, but there’s something with the contrast of the gold and green leaves with the historic buildings that make your eyes do double-takes. Not to mention the spooky-vibes are strong here for those who can appreciate a more diverse Instagram filled with life content rather than structured feeds. Fort Edmonton Park’s event, DARK, offers a fear-filled night of fun! Get ready for candids, and capture your friends mid-scream to share with the world. Even if you aren’t into the thrills and trills, general admission is another option where you can go and enjoy the atmosphere to get into the Halloween spirit! 


Cost: $40


Honorable Mentions!


No Instagram feed stops at just FIVE spots! If you’re willing to get out of town and spend a little bit of gas money these next two places will for sure fill your feed for the better! 


Bowden SunMaze!

Another maze to tangle up your plans for the afternoon! Take a drive out and you’ll be welcomed with a plethora of all things sunny and green! A perfect introduction/transition from the sun-inspired summer photos( if you managed to get any of those with the lack of Vitamin D in YEG this year) to the softer tones of Autumn. 

Cost: $9

Location: Bowden

Estimated Travel Time: Hour & a half



Farm Fresh Florals

One of my top spots of the early-autumn season! Not only do you leave with a week’s worth of beautiful photos, from perfect filler pics to stellar self and group portraits, but you also get a self-made bouquet to lust over for days after! The owner is sweet and makes the visit feel less like you’re visiting someone’s business and more like a catching up with an old friend! It’s a self-pick floral arrangement deal that includes a tour of the property. Jen (previously mentioned owner) has also set up the area insta-ntly ready for photo ops! A fun and cheap way to spend a weekend morning!

Cost: Varies. Flowers range from $1-$5 per stem!

Location: Sunnybrook

Estimated Travel Time: 45min-Hour

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