The Top 4 Musicals That Are At The Top Of My Playlist

Over the summer I visited New York, and as many tourists do, I was very lucky to be able to see some Broadway shows. What I didn’t know was that seeing these shows and being in New York would change my life and open a new love in Broadway musicals. Ever since then I have been listening to any Broadway albums I can find, and listed below are some personal faves of mine that I find myself constantly replaying.

  1. 1. Hamilton

    Whether you follow Broadway religiously or have never had an interest in Broadway in your life, everyone has heard of Hamilton. After its debut it rose to fame fairly quickly, tickets selling out instantly and people waiting hours trying to win the Hamilton lottery. This album is unique in that unlike other Broadway albums, it closely resembles rap and that is one reason why it has done so well on Broadway, because it has brought in new audiences. Even I, someone who isn’t a big fan of rap, has fallen in love with this musical. With its upbeat melodies and melancholy ballads, there is a song for any mood you may be in. Not to mention that listening to this album is like getting a mini history lesson, with Alexander Hamilton’s life being told throughout 23 songs.

  2. 2. Beetlejuice

    I personally was never a fan of the movie Beetlejuice, so thats why when I first listened to this album I was pleasantly surprised. The album is very much a comedy album, with all the characters delivering lines that often find me laughing out loud. However the one person who sells this entire album is the 18 year old powerhouse, Sophia Anne Caruso who plays Lydia. At such a young age, Sophia has an incredibly unique voice that leaves me in constant envy of wanting to be able to belt out songs as well as her. This album is a strong contender and I am honestly disappointed I never saw it when I was in New York.

  3. 3. Waitress

    This is by far one of my favourite musicals and I highly recommend everyone to go and see it if they have the chance. With bops like “Bad Idea” and ballads like “She Used To Be Mine”, this musical has songs that make you want to dance and others that leave you in tears. The following behind Waitress is absolutely incredible and the fact that it is closing in January makes me so sad, because the environment of that theatre is unlike any other I have ever been in. 

  4. 4. SIX

    There are not enough words to describe the love I have for this musical. Six is a show about the six wives of Henry the eighth, and is done in a way that not only are you learning about the wives but about how different their lives would be if they never married him. This album is the ultimate woman anthem, and is also a show that promotes the LGBTQ+ community, with many in the cast being apart of the community. Not only that but the show is made up of an all female band, and the melody they provide accompanies the show perfectly. It's very rare that I find an album where I love all of the songs, not just a select few, but with Six every single song is one of my favourites.