Re:Plenish: Edmontons’ Zero Waste Store

I’ve been trying to make the switch the zero waste with little steps like buying more bulk items with reusable glass jars. Buying produce that isn’t wrapped in plastic and putting them in my reusable produce bags. But other switches have been a bit harder to do. For example, finding compostable tooth floss or somewhere to refill shampoo or laundry detergent.

Luckily, Re:Plenish is a great solution for me since they offer the things that I’ve been looking for!

This is a new zero-waste store in Edmonton that just opened on January 4th and is only open on the weekends (Saturdays 10 pm – 5 pm, Sundays 12 pm – 5 pm).  

From their website you can see that they are dedicated to being zero waste and according to them that can mean that their stuff can either come in zero packagings, compostable packaging or reusable packaging. You are also able to get things in bulk like shampoo, conditioner, detergent, dish soap, etc. This is really cool because you can buy a reusable container from them or you can refill one of your own! They are also committed to finding/providing products that are local and I think that is super important to try to shop local.

The owners Meghann and Karine are super nice and I love that they are helping Edmonton become more zero waste!

I’ve been trying to find compostable tooth floss for a while so once I saw that it was there, I immediately had to buy it.

Their Instagram is also super active and cute and I love it. They show off a lot of other products that they sell that I haven’t mentioned yet. ( In conclusion, I definitely recommend you check this place out and see if there are any zero waste swaps you can make in your life! I, for one, will definitely be going back once some of my products run out.