Reading Week… More like Do Nothing Week

If you’re like me, maybe you had great plans on catching up on all your schoolwork this past week, made a little schedule, colour coordinated it and everything, but instead you got a little too relaxed and too involved in Disney +. How could you not have, with all those Disney classics and new shows like the Mandalorian?

It’s okay though, as an advocate for mental health it is important to take the time to cool off from midterms and prepare from finals. However, if you’re like me, perhaps you didn’t envision your whole week to be binge watching old television shows and putting up Christmas decorations. That’s okay, no worries, try not to blame yourself too much! You needed the rest; the important thing now is what you do with your newly renewed self. 

It’s coming up to finals and you are stressing out because you didn’t do anything to help yourself. Like anything! But with your fresh self, all you have to do is work!

Put your phone away, forget about all the outside drama and stick your nose in your degree’s business. Work hard and work smart, with the minutes counting down till your final exams, every second counts. Study like you’ve never studied before, write a draft of an essay everyday, do as many practice problems as you can muster!

As long as you work hard, you’ll be able to relax knowing you did your very best and did your degree proud!

If that doesn’t push you to do your work, just think, only six more weeks till Christmas!