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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Alberta chapter.

As the weather gets colder and school becomes more demanding, stress levels increase and we’re left feeling restless. Here’s a list of restaurants which specialize in comfort food throughout Edmonton, that may help you feel more…well, comfortable. 

First off, I should say that comfort food means very different things to different people, but a general description of the food would be any meal that makes you “feel good” or reminiscent of childhood-favourite meals. I should also disclaim that, as a pasta fanatic, you should expect to see a lot of pasta on this list. 

The first place is Chianti Café & Restaurant on Whyte Ave. With dozens of pasta options, this menu is all about comfort. Any type of pasta, sauce, and meat combinations are found here, and their partnership with Skip The Dishes means you can enjoy this comfort in and outside of your home!

A couple blocks down from Chianti is Pip Food &  Drink, one of Edmonton’s best brunch spots. But instead of heading over there for mimosas, you can go in for dinner and try their beef ragu, a dish that’s perfect for long, cold nights. 

Off Whyte Ave is the ever famous Seoul Fried Chicken, a small little joint that serves your favourite fried chicken and fries meal but with a flavourful twist. There are various types of fried chicken flavours, ranging from BBQ to Cilantro Lime, paired with a variety of sides, such as mac ‘n’ cheese to caesar salad. A more comforting and flavourful meal cannot be found elsewhere. 

And, of course, to top off the list we have Peters Drive-In. if you’re looking for fast food that’s comforting, why look further than Peters’ hamburger, fries and milkshake combo? With over 15 different milkshake flavours, how could you go wrong with this place?

Hopefully this satisfies your comfort food cravings! I plan to add a more detailed continuation to this list very soon. 


Safiya Dina

U Alberta '21

Safiya is currently a fourth-year student at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. She is majoring in Psychology and minoring in English within the Faculty of Sciences. When she's not studying, volunteering or working, you can catch her reading, writing, trying new foods and having wine nights with her friends!
Simi is a senior at the University of Alberta studying Sociology and Religious Studies. She grew up in Houston Texas and lives by the saying “go big or go home”. She is currently Her Campus Ualberta's Editor in Chief and Campus Correspondent. School, volunteering, clubs, and work occupy most of her time. You can find her on Instagram at @simi.bhangoo.