My 9 Favourite Desserts in Edmonton

I am the kind of person that will substitute a meal for dessert. It’s so much more satisfying and rewarding than other food groups. I has taken me awhile to find desserts that I truly love in Edmonton, but after 5 years of living here, these are my top 9:

Doughcano - Boston Pizza

This dessert made me fall in love with Boston Pizza. Encased in pizza dough is cheesecake, chocolate mousse, some caramel, and just a hint of almonds (you can barely taste them) topped with chocolate and caramel sauce. It is no longer on the menu at Boston Pizza (I was SO mad when they took it off) but if you ask kindly, they will make it for you as they still have all the ingredients.

Chocolate Spoon Cake - Remedy Cafe

I discovered this cake while I was studying at Remedy. If it’s not already fairly obvious, I could eat chocolate for days. It's fudgy and chocolaty and just all around chocolate goodness that makes me smile. My ideal dessert for everyday and anytime of day.

The whole party - Doughnut Party

If you’re looking for a meal in dessert form, Doughnut Party is the place to go. Their doughnuts are gigantic and there are no issues with getting bored of the same old flavors because they have different ones everyday! Highly recommend if you want something different from your usual Timmies doughnut.

Strawberry 4 Lucie - Cora’s

Yes this a breakfast place and yes I eat this for breakfast. But many look at me and argue that this is not breakfast food, however with a sweet tooth like mine, this is my definition of breakfast food. This is another one that is not on the menu. The menu offers you a Raspberry 4 Lucie but if your like me, a ride or die strawberry lover, ask to sub the raspberries for strawberries. Wrapped in the crepe is strawberries and cream cheese topped with strawberry sauce. In a place like Cora’s, you can’t go wrong, but this is honestly the best thing they offer, hands down.  

S’mores Chocolate Cheesecake - Earls

Finding this was a happy coincidence. I’m not one to go to Earls for desert but this hits the spot. At first I wasn't sure, S’mores cheesecake from Earls? But with marshmallows and hazelnut graham, it’s like summer has arrived.

Comida de Mono - Julio’s Barrio

A great place for Mexican food in Edmonton and an even better place for fried pastries filled with bananas and topped with cinnamon and sugar, with the option of dipping all that goodness into chocolate. Do I need to say anything else?

Make your own - Cinnaholic

Cinnamon bun anyone? How about adding whatever you want on top? Dessert does not get better than this. From toppings like cookie dough and brownies, to fruit and nuts, with your choice of frosting. You can't go wrong when you literally design your perfect cinnamon bun.

Stuffed French Toast - IHOP

This is and has been my favorite thing since I first discovered it while I lived in Texas. The great thing about IHOP is that it’s international and I didn't have to give up something I loved so much. Nothing beats french toast stuffed with cream cheese and topped with strawberries. The best things in life come with strawberries and cream cheese (also chocolate, but sometimes we can't have everything we want.)

Everything - Cacao 70

I can't even fully express my love for this place. With 3 locations in Edmonton now, there is zero excuses not to try it. As a chocolate lover this place is heaven. Go to their website and the first thing you see is “Welcome to a state of chocolate”. From waffles to fruits to ice cream to brownies, you just have to try it. Trust me.

Images Courtesy of:

Simi Bhangoo