Makeup-Based Costumes

Its October 31st, Halloween, and you are out of time to get a costume. The best costumes have already been sold, or taken by your friends. You do NOT want to be the only one at the paty who is not at least somewhat dressed up. Here are a few costume ideas that you can make happen in no time, with nothing but makeup and your own wardrobe!

  1. 1. Typical Skeleton

    When in doubt, sink in your cheekbones and temples, paint the tip of your nose and show what you have inside!

  2. 2. Spooky Clown / IT

    Be prepared to be 1 of 20+ clowns at the party, but still fun nonetheless!

  3. 3. Spooky Facial Scars/Injury

    This one may look a little more intense, but you can wear whatever you want, and its quite unique!

  4. 4. Devlish Makeup

    Just throw on a red shirt and some dollar-store horns, and you are set!

  5. 5. Cutie (or Creepy) Scarecrow

    Simple, effective, and you can dress cozy and warm!

  6. 7. Sexy Spider

    (option to go Spider-Girl if that's what you're into)

  7. 8. Old Faithful 

    Cat, Bunny, Deer, etc - pick your favourite fuzzy animal, throw on some ears and you have a costume!