How to Make Your Summer Dresses Work For Fall

So it’s the first week of October and it’s pretty cold sometimes (never mind the obnoxious snowfall we suffered through in September). I definitely find myself needing to grab a light jacket (or legitimate winter gear) and shivering a little while making my way through campus. The cold weather might even make you think that you need to cover up and pick up some jeans instead of a dress, but under no circumstances should you feel you have do do that! Even though it’s officially fall, I still want to make use of all the cute dresses I bought this summer and I’m sure you do too. Plus, people will think wearing a dress in the cold makes you super stylish. Despite the truth that it really just means that it took you less time to get dressed, and you didn’t have to go through the work of matching separate pieces. Here’s a few ways to keep wearing your summer dresses while still staying warm!



(Tights: Forever 21)

Tights are basically just really thin pants (or really long socks?) anyway. If you wear these under your dress no one can chastise you for dressing irresponsibly and your grandma will be less concerned about your health. They come in lots of interesting colours and patterns. Plus you can get thicker or fleece lined ones to keep you extra toasty as winter approaches!



(Cardigan: H & M)


I love pairing a long, flowy cardigan with a short dress. It’s also fun to pick a more “fall appropriate” colour in the pattern (like burgundy, dark green, or mustard) and match the cardigan to that, or to match a cute lighter jacket to your outfit, so you can wear it all day, stay heated, and look good. Right now there are a ton of different open-style jackets available that would be an amazing option.



(Booties: Sweet Jolie Boutique)

Throw on some boots with a floral dress and it's immediately a fall outfit! You’re now super ready to go do some exploring in a pumpkin patch or corn maze. Heeled booties are also amazing, because they're way easier to walk in for long periods than regular heels. Therefore you get to look super elegant all the time. Plus they’re available in so many beautiful fall colours like red/burgundy, and light brown.