HC Team Spotlight: Social Media Director - Robin Andrews

Robin is our outstanding Social Media Director. She works hard every week to update our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, making sure that Her Campus looks great on social media! Robin is a Sophomore Science student with a Major in Psychology and a Minor in Sociology. Her favourite colour is red, and she is also a member of the Beta Chi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority here at U Alberta. When she’s not busy with school, clubs, or her job as a Swimming Instructor, she loves to watch Grey’s Anatomy, House, Bones, and the 100.

Fun Fact: After completing her undergraduate, Robin wants to attend Med School!


What is your favourite type of music?

I love all music, however, what I am listening to depends on the day, the mood, and the task at hand. If I am studying or writing you will find me listening to classical instrumental music. If I am driving I will likely be listening to rock or rap, but I feel the most in my element when I am listening to country music or soulful R&B. I am a big Khalid and Vance Joy fan.


Why did you decide to join Her Campus UAlberta?

Growing up I always enjoyed writing to clear my mind and to get the wild stories out of my head. As I entered higher grades my teachers started to recognize me for my writing and my love for it blossomed even more. In high school I realized that my favourite way to write was analytically or descriptively, rather than creatively; I loved talking about topics that I had learned about and which I found interesting! Her Campus seemed like an amazing platform for me to grow my love of writing in a unique way while also supporting other amazing individuals. I see Her Campus as a platform that is not only ‘nice’ to have on campus, but also necessary!


What is your favorite topic to write an article about?

I love to write about things that people would not immediately think of, or things that can be difficult to talk about. Her Campus is an amazing magazine to write for because I can create content that is fun and light, as well as content that is more serious and important.



What is your favourite season? Why?

My favourite season is summer because I love spending time outdoors. I can often be found at the lake swimming or paddleboarding. Hiking, camping, and fishing are also best when the weather is warm and the views are breathtaking. Having an August birthday also makes my season preference a little biased towards summer.


What is your fall style?

I do not have a particular set style at any point in the year, it just depends on the day, how I am feeling, and what I have planned. On the weekends I tend to wear distressed mom jeans and t-shirts, on Mondays and Tuesdays I try to dress business casual, and for school I often dress sporty/casual. For fall I love layering with sweaters, scarves, vests and jackets!


What do you never leave the house without?

I am quite a busy gal so I always have my planner, laptop, and phone with me! I am constantly updating the Her Campus social media and adding more events, meetings, and plans to my calendar.