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A Day in the Life of a Laid Off University Student

Right now is a time where most people are confused regarding what they are supposed to be doing. How productive do I need to be? Should I be learning a new language? Reading my second book of the day? Do I need to leave my home with six-pack abs when we no longer require to be distanced? The truth is no one has these answers. For that reason, I will give an honest look into my day. This is definitely not to brag about my productivity but to show an honest look at someone else’s routine.

The first thing I do in a day is check my socials and emails. Right now, I am staring at my email like a hawk, waiting for grades to come in and interesting spring classes to become open. I highly suggest taking a spring semester as it is cheaper than normal with fee removal due to Covid-19 and our freed-up schedules.

I then clean my house. Well my parent’s house because let’s face it, I’m broke. I turn on the TV to Love Island and basically clean until its spotless. I even use Wood Refresher. Who am I becoming, a housewife?

12:30 is usually Ramen time. It is basically the only thing I have the energy to cook. I want to point out I feel no need to learn to become a chef in this time. If you have a real interest do it but if not do not feel guilty about your TV dinners because I sure don’t.

In the afternoon I get some kind of exercise in. I like to pretend I do this for health reasons but let’s be honest I do it in the name of vanity. I try to get 10,000 steps in with a majority of them being uphill. I also follow Whitney Simmons At Home Program. The Program is all done at once, but the steps are done in segments.

Dinner happens between 5:30 and 8:00 pm, a large margin I know. Usually, dinner is provided to me. Probably the best part of living at home.

I spend the rest of the night watching Netflix, Hayu, or Prime video depending on my mood. I fall asleep at around 2:00am and wake up at 11:00am. Do you see how little I do in a day? The truth is I don’t think I need to feel bad about it and neither should any of you. I am doing as much as I feel I can and that’s all you should be trying to do as well.  

Megan Pratt

U Alberta '21

Megan is in her third year at the University of Alberta. While pursuing a law degree can seem like her entire identity at times, she considers herself a horror film critic, as well as a fitness and food enthusiast.
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