Christmas Shopping on a Budget

Being a university student around Christmas can be stressful. Buying gifts for everyone you care for can be out of reach. How do you get a gift for your amazing mother when she deserves a new house and all you can afford is a candle from Bath and Body Works? 

Here are some simple ways to keep the costs down this winter:


  1. 1. Secret Santa

    Have a big group of friends you want to buy gifts for…suggest a fun round of Secret Santa. This way everyone you love gets a gift and you only have to buy one! Plus, there is the added bonus of finding out who got your gifts. 


  2. 2. Shop for deals!

    Being a student and going around everywhere looking for the lowest price isn’t realistic. Especially with Christmas being around exam time! Pick your favorite stores, subscribe to them and wait for their big sale days. This way you can buy the expensive sweater you were eyeing for your sister.

  3. 3. Shop online!

    Websites like Etsy and Amazon let you shop for personal or practical gifts while still maintaining a budget. 


  4. 4. Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Although very cliché, these days do provide deals if you look for them properly. Don’t get rung in for just any detail, make sure it is one worth your time!


  5. 5. Make Gifts

    This is a great way to save money! If you are talented, you can knit or sew, use your powers to save your money, and make an even more personal gift for your friends and family. Don’t worry though, if you are not big on painting or crocheting, make a mixtape, construct a birdhouse, doesn’t matter, get creative and fill it with love!


  6. 6. Plan your Shopping Trips

    Above all, the best thing to do in order to save you money is to plan your shopping trips, make sure you know what you want to get and stick to that, no more, no less! As well, stick to your budget, if you have $30 for a dress for your best friend and you only like the ones over $50 in one store, keep looking! Stick to your guns! 


It’s not impossible to buy gifts at Christmas on a budget, just be sure to set one and stick to it. Most importantly, remember that Christmas and the Holiday Season isn’t strictly about giving gifts, it’s about giving love, so if you can’t afford anything that’s okay! Donate your time on behalf of your friends and family, spend time with them (or just explain that you are a poor struggling college kid and give out hugs as presents.)