Affordable Ways to Update Your Fall Wardrobe

It’s crazy how quickly the summer goes by! One day I’m going on bike rides in shorts and the next I’m wrapped up for a quick walk outside. A new season doesn’t just bring different weather but different trends and a possible wardrobe update. With styles constantly evolving, keeping up can get expensive but revamping your style doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. There are plenty of simple ways to change up your look and get you in the mood for the new season!


1. Hit up a thrift store

Thrifting is a great way to pick up new pieces that fit your budget (plus it’s more sustainable). While the prices are great, it’s still important to consider the quality of the clothing you’re purchasing. Invest in pieces that are versatile and will last. I recommend checking out apps like Depop and Poshmark to find some great pieces at great prices! Try selling some of your clothes while you’re at it. It’s an easy way to make some extra cash and clear some space in your closet.


2. Shop your friend or family member’s closet

Even better than thriting is shopping from your friend or family member’s closet. You won’t spend anything doing this and having a little clothing swap can be an interesting way to freshen up your look. Look for items that you don’t already have but just make sure they know you’re “borrowing” their clothes!


3. Appreciate the basics

Having staple pieces in your wardrobe can go a long way and lead to plenty of different looks. That plain white tee you wore all summer can be paired with blue jeans and a leather jacket for those cooler fall days. These items might seem basic at first glance but adding your own style is what takes them from plain to chic. They also come in handy when you need to layer up!


4. Layer up

Fall is all about the layers, especially if you live in a colder climate. It’s a quick way to elevate any outfit and add texture to your look. Not only that but you can wear one item a few different ways when you layer it with other pieces, making it seem like you bought a new wardrobe. This trick also means you can still rock your favourite spring and summer pieces! Tuck a chunky sweater into a skirt or wear a long sleeve under that strappy summer dress. 


5. Incorporate accessories

Accessorizing can instantly up the game on any outfit. Whether you decide to keep things minimal or go all out, adding accessories to your outfit will give it a little something extra! If you do feel like purchasing some new pieces, Etsy is a good place to grab some at affordable pieces while also supporting small businesses. 


6. Tailor your clothes 

Okay, this one might sound a bit out there and I must admit that I am no tailor but it never hurts to try! If you don’t have a sewing machine or much experience with tailoring clothes, stick to the simple tricks. Make use of safety pins, fashion tape, or even something as safe as rolling your pants. If you want to experiment and save a few extra bucks, you can look at YouTube tutorials and try hemming your clothing. 


7. Get inspired

The simplest and most affordable way to update your fall wardrobe is to look for inspiration. Check out style blogs or YouTube channels, go on Pinterest, or even watch your favourite tv shows. Finding styles that inspire you can help you decide what steps you’ll take to cultivate your style, whatever that may be. The best part is that inspiration can be found everywhere and who knows, you might be someone else’s inspiration!