9 Christmas Movies To Watch On Netflix

This weekend marks the beginning of December, and that means I’m going to start watching Christmas movies on the regular. This weekend I’ll probably watch at least three in between writing papers, then load up my PVR schedule with all of the goodies to come. However, that isn’t the only way I will be getting my festive film fix. I used to be all about watching the Christmas movies on TV, but in the past few years Netflix has really been coming in clutch with some super entertaining originals, and a collection of other joyfully predictable films, all on their convenient online platform. Check out the rest of the article to see what I’m interested in watching (or re-watching) on Netflix during the nights before Christmas.


What I’ve Been Waiting For

These movies have been all over Netflix’s home page, and I have been dying to watch them.

The Princess Switch

Apparently the editing is really bad in this one, but I feel like bad quality is sometimes what makes a good Christmas movie. Also, how could I pass up on watching High School Musical queen Vanessa Hudgens play a peasant and a royal in the same Netflix movie?

The Holiday Calendar

Two things. Super cool advent calendar theme and Kat Graham looking absolutely fabulous as a holiday heroine. That green coat is winter goals.

A Christmas Prince: A Royal Wedding

Like everyone else on the internet, I had a great time watching A Christmas Prince last year and expect just as much entertainment from the sequel. Who doesn't love weddings?


New Discoveries I’m Interested In

The moment when you’re scrolling through Netflix looking for something to watch, and you stumble across these promising finds.

Dear Santa

This one came out in 2011, but somehow I haven't seen it yet. The movie cover looks extremely uncomfortable with its poor photo shopping, so I just know it will be the kind of bad Christmas movie I'm looking for. 

Santa Claws

Honestly, I just want to watch this because it’s about kittens delivering presents.

The Christmas Chronicles

This one looks a bit different and more complex than usual. It seems like it would be a great family friendly movie, and stands out from my usual rom com list.


What I Would Recommend

These are some that I have seen, and would absolutely watch again as part of my seasonal lineup.

The Christmas Inheritance

I watched this last year and it was really fun. A perfectly cheesy movie about a city girl in a small town.

The Christmas Wedding Planner

I indulged in this with my cat last weekend and it was one of the most absurdly unrealistic, yet charming Christmas movies I have experienced. Definitely predictable and definitely enjoyable (also I almost cried). 

A Christmas Prince

This was all the rage last year on Twitter (see here and here for a few highlights), so if you haven’t seen it yet, get watching!