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Tinder: 8 Reasons We Swipe Left

1. Too Many Group Pictures

Ladies, we’ve all come across this guy. If the first picture that pops up is a group picture, it’s pretty likely that we’re not going to take the time to solve the mystery of who ‘Bryan’ is. Is it the tall looker on the right or skinny hobbit in the middle? We don’t know and, at this point, we don’t want to spend time finding out. Next!

2. Mirror Selfies

The dreaded mirror selfie is everywhere on Tinder. We want to see a quality picture of a man with his shirt on, looking nice and smiling. Guys, chances are if your selfie tells us what kind of toothpaste and shaving cream you use, or forces us to remember our MySpace days, you’ve already lost too many points to recover. Either show us what we would see on a date or we’re swiping left!

3. Who’s THAT Girl?

Nothing will make a girl pass on a guy like his first picture being of photo of him and another girl. Is that your sister, your ex, or just a photo to prove that girls actually do like you? We can never be sure and that’s why when we’re scrolling and we come across this guy, we can give him a solid pass.

4. Blurry Pictures

This guy just isn’t thinking straight. If your photo is blurry, we’re automatically assuming that you look something like the cast of The Hills Have Eyes. We’re not going to squint or try to figure out if you’re cute or not, we’re just going to swipe right through!

5. Lame Bios

Sorry guys, “I’m awesome,” and “Looking for a girl with a big booty” just isn’t going to cut it. I’m not sure who you’re targeting with those lines but I think it’s safe to say that it’s not going to work. Not now, not ever.

6. The Deceptive Photo

Have you ever been scrolling through and found a really good looking guy, so you investigate his profile farther only to have your “hallelujah!” moment quickly recede into a sad “oh” moment? Yeah. Once we discover his suspiciously good looks actually are suspicious, we’re swiping.

7. Sunglasses, Sunglasses Everywhere

Cool, so you have a pretty legit pair of sunglasses, but do you have a good looking face? We’re assuming you don’t because you’re indoors and still rockin’ those shades. This guy is another trickster, trying to find ways to make himself seem more attractive and mysterious. We can do without, so we’re swiping left!

8. Overall Attractiveness

No one can deny that the number one reason they swipe left is because the guy just isn’t attractive. You don’t like the 2006 haircut he’s got going on, he’s too skinny, or he has a serial killer smile. Throw in those caterpillar eyebrows and BAM, you’re not interested.



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