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Tik Tok Model Couple Transitions to Life on the Road

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TX State chapter.

TikTok couple Shaunna and Axel Cuevas are breaking tradition and pursuing their dream of traveling long-term. They are renovating a 30-foot school bus into a portable living space as they prepare to travel across the country exploring, collaborating with photographers and spending time with one another.

The couple celebrated their four-year anniversary on March 31. After meeting at their previous workplace, the two became close friends and began to spend time with one another. Shortly after, they fell in love and began to merge their lives together. The couple enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, frequent coffee trips and going on dates.

Shaunna and Axel
Photo by Lauren Hawkins

“I started TikTok before the pandemic and I was just making videos here and there,” Shaunna said. “I didn’t even know what a trending sound was.”

Shaunna began to upload on TikTok more frequently after losing her job during the pandemic. She started posting moments of her life with Axel and noticed her audience expand. They were introduced to the modeling business during a Christmas mini photoshoot with one another.

“We were getting our picture taken and the photographer asked if we had ever thought about modeling,” Shaunna said. “And I was like ‘no, I had to ask him three times to be at this photoshoot, why would we model?’”

After this initial experience, it wasn’t too long before the couple began to regularly shoot with one another. Through collaborating with photographers and gaining more experience, they have grown much more comfortable in front of the camera.

“It’s definitely easier for us now than when we first started,” Cuevas said.

As freelance models, they have faced some difficulties being recognized as professionals in the industry, and note that their time and energy aren’t always recognized. Since they are not signed to an agency, ensuring they are financially compensated for their work has been a challenge.

However, they are constantly rewarded through expressing creativity, meeting new people and creating lasting memories traveling together.

“I would say the most rewarding part is being able to create those forever memories,” Cuevas said.

Shaunna and Axel
Photo by Misa Uvalic

Along with the dream job, the couple has been renovating an old school bus into a portable living space. With their love of travel and spending time with one another, they decided to take on this project to pursue their goal of exploring and connecting with photographers around the nation.

“I watched this movie in high school called ‘Into the Wild’ and his story was really amazing, so I got inspired by that,” Cuevas said.

As they continue to work on the bus, they have been focused on downsizing and packing necessities to load onto it. They are determined to break tradition and create the life that they want for themselves, encouraging their viewers to do the same.

“Make your own routine. Don’t have someone make it for you,” Shaunna said.

Both Shaunna and Axel are mental health advocates who often use their platform to shed light on the reality of living with daily struggles. By starting the open conversation with their audience, they have been able to grow an authentic community who supports and encourages one another.

The couple focuses on encouraging people to chase after their dreams and create the life that they want to live. As they begin transitioning to life on the road, they continue to grow their audience and inspire viewers to actively work toward their goals.

“Live your life the way you want to: travel, be happy, and do what you want to do,” Cuevas said.

Shaunna and Axel
Photo by Anne Lee

They are hoping to be on the road beginning this August.

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