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In some ways, 2024 feels like it just started. In other ways, the days seem to pass slowly– and it feels like January was way longer than three months ago. Maybe I can blame it on Daylight savings time. It’s about that time of the year that the sun stays out longer and the pressure to get more stuff done is on. 

Not only that, but if you’re a college senior like I am, this spring semester is a painful mix of feeling like too much is happening at once, (job applications, post-grad moving plans, and stressing about the fact you still haven’t booked graduation photos) while also feeling like not enough that is “supposed” to happen is happening (no, I haven’t been offered my dream full-time position yet). 

The main thing that’s brought me comfort during this time is, no surprise–music. Where endless scrolling on TikTok, and skimming through my countless subscriptions on YouTube fails, music seems to get it right every time. 

There are a few songs in particular that I can’t get enough of so far in 2024. Not all of them are new releases, and genre-wise, they’re a bit all over the place (the best music taste always is). Lucky for you, I’m not one for gatekeeping (unless it’s my favorite podcasts—don’t ask). 

“Hand in My Pocket”: Alanis Morisette

This song came as a recommendation from my parents, so I can’t take the credit for finding it on my own. Since I first heard it, it’s been a staple in my playlist for when I am feeling stressed out or confused about my future. There’s something comforting about Morisette’s blunt descriptions of contradicting thoughts and emotions. There’s a lot of power, in my opinion, in embracing paradoxes, especially when they’re in yourself. Aside from the beautiful lyricism, Moristte’s unique tone is satisfying to hear and makes 3:39 seconds fly by. 


This song is just so much fun. I used to be in a stage where the majority of music I listened to was reflective or melancholic. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this and I will always have a deep appreciation for that style. However, there’s still something special about music that is just fun: sweet, lighthearted, and maybe a little cheesy. As the title indicates, the song revolves around the idea of being so in love, your sense of reason kind of goes out the window. It’s a relatable feeling (most cliches are cliches because they’re true!) When I need more energy on a day I’m feeling unmotivated or want to listen to a song to get me out of thinking so cynically, this is my go-to. 

“Deeper Well”: Kacey Musgraves

On a completely different note, Musgrave’s “Deeper Well” has also had its own effect on me. This song feels uplifting in the most calm way, and really makes you feel like you’re talking to that “cooler, older, wiser” person you look up to, and asking for advice. I admire Musgrave’s honesty and ability to discuss approaching her life differently. Through her own lyrics, she inadvertently encourages the listener to examine their own life and “deeper well”. No matter your age, I think everyone experiences moments where they can look back on past decisions, acquaintances, and actions, and know they don’t feel the same about them. This song helps me reflect on my growth as a person and recognize the choices I made in order to feel prouder of my character development. 

“You’re Gonna Go Far”: Noah Kahan 

This song is heartbreaking. But in the best way. It’s the definition of bittersweet. I think, in listening to the lyrics, you realize that’s the point. It touches on the concept of leaving–moving from one stage of life to another. That experience in itself can be as rewarding and exciting as it is lonely and scary. As a senior, I’m feeling a lot of just that right now! I listen to this when I want to feel validated in both that this experience is nerve-wrecking and that I have so much to look forward to.

“ballad of a homeschooled girl”: Olivia Rodrigo 

Rodrigo has not failed to express the various sides of herself in her 2023 release of GUTS and I can’t get enough of it. I know I won’t be the first to say this, but since the release of “drivers license,” I knew we the music industry was seeing the entrance of something different. Rodrigo’s “ballad of a homeschooled girl” resonates with me despite the fact I was never homeschooled. Additionally, I love songs with an authentic expression of emotion, or a detailed account of a story that meant a lot to the artist. This song tells an accurate description of what it’s like to feel out of place, which I think a lot of young adults feel at one point or another in public settings (especially when people are trying extra hard to play it cool).

“imperfect for you”: Ariana Grande

Grande’s release of eternal sunshine was the album I didn’t know I wanted. It’s truly a no skip album to me (and my favorite of her discography). With a mix of upbeat pop, synth-pop, and R&B, I can shuffle around for a song that fits my mood. Grande’s “imperfect for you” is a calmer song on the album, filled with guitar strings and her smooth voice, singing in a lower pitch. The background beats almost add a “mystical” tone to the track, adding to the relaxing mood of the song. Both the nature-filled, heaven-like background in the performance she gave on SNL, combined with the clear emotional connection she has with this track makes it a favorite of mine. 

“Chasing That Feeling”: TOMORROW X TOGETHER

“Chasing That Feeling” is a song that makes you feel similar to what it’s like to be at the last long stretch of a race. Like you’re sprinting towards something in the distance, but don’t know if you can make it all the way there, and you don’t even know if it’s worth it. It’s always interesting when lyrics and the sound of a song don’t completely match upon first analysis. The song is upbeat, but the lyrics depict a story of someone longing to go back to the past. It talks about the feelings associated with realizing you weren’t appreciative of what you had in the past; you were always sprinting towards something better. It doesn’t only talk about doubt, but about pushing through difficult situations and pursuing your goals, even though you can’t be certain it will be exactly how you imagined. 

Melanie Love Salazar is Journalism student at Texas State University. She has written for the student-led radio station at Texas State and has experience writing across various media platforms. One of her biggest passions are for live music, and other hobbies of her's include going to drive-in movie theatres, reading, and drinking coffee!