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What Someone’s Handwriting Can Say About A Person

Past the first grade, someone’s handwriting becomes set in stone. “Ugh, you have such good handwriting” is often said just based on the overall appearance of one’s writing, but it’s about a lot more than that. Here are 5 definitive factors of someone’s handwriting that characterizes one’s personality.

1. Size of the letters

Small letters: you are reserved, studious and conscientious

Average letters: you are cooperative, accommodating and sensible

Large letters: you are outgoing, people’s person that loves attention

2. Slanting

No slant: you tend to stick to the guidelines  

Slants to right: you like to try new things

Slants to left: you like to keep to yourself

3. Shape

Rounded letters: you are creative and artistic

Pointed letters: you know what you want, and will do anything to get it

Connected letters: you think about all your decisions and make them carefully

4. Dotting your “i”’s

Right over the “i”: you are a perfectionist

High over the “i”: you are optimistic and have a huge imagination

4. Pressure

Heavy: you are loyal, stick to your word and don’t like when others direct you

Light: you are sensitive, empathetic and caring

5. Signature

Legible: you are bold, confident and strong

Not legible: you are reclusive or hard to get to know

So, put it to the test. What kind of handwriting do you have? Of course, these depictions aren’t perfect rather a general observation considering everyone has their own font. 

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