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What It’s Like to Take Calc 1 As a Senior, As Told By New Girl

1) When you walk into class on the first day and you’re surrounded by freshmen…

2) When the professor suddenly reminds you that this class has a lab, and you realize you have to be in calculus class FOUR TIMES A WEEK.

3) When your professor explains that attendance isn’t mandatory, and you contemplate your options.

4) When a freshman who is scarred from the midterm seriously asks “But you’re not really actually going to FAIL anyone right?”

Oh, you sweet summer child.

5) When it’s past the drop date, but you’re seriously thinking about dropping this class and just not graduating. You have lots of skills, who needs a degree?

6) When you force yourself to study because you do not want to take this class again during your last semester of undergrad ever.

7) When you’ve been studying for 10 hours and you finally understand something you allegedly learned in high school four years ago.

8) When you walk out of the final like a boss ass bitch because YOU DID IT!

9) And when you finally get to celebrate the last math class you’re EVER going to take!!!!





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