What to Do With Your Family This Parents' Weekend

Next weekend is what your parents have been talking about since you left in August…Parents’ Weekend! After the long-awaited reunion with your family, you have a whole weekend ahead to show them around and spend some quality time together. When you plan your schedule, keep these ideas in mind.


Give a ~personalized~ campus tour.Even if your family has already seen the school, take the time to show them your favorite places. You might not think your study spots or running route are very exciting, but it’s an authentic way to get a glimpse at your life as a college student.


Try new restaurants. It might be tempting to stick to your usual spots, but this is an ideal time to try something new. Go somewhere a little nicer than usual (a nice break from the college student budget), or try somewhere more adventurous. Plus, your friends will love you for bringing back all your leftovers for them to enjoy.


Take advantage of events on campus. Although you could easily fill your whole weekend with off-campus activities around the city, don’t forget that the school offers a bunch of family-friendly events that you shouldn’t miss. Parents’ weekend also lines up with the homecoming football game, so don’t skip out on the opportunity to tailgate and show your family how Tulane does game day. 


Take advantage of events off campus. Now, I’m going to be a hypocrite for a minute. Parents’ Weekend is the perfect excuse to be a tourist in your own city. Go to a museum, do a sightseeing tour, see some live music, or just walk around a new neighborhood. We also happen to live in a city with more festivals than days of the year, and several are going on next weekend, including Po-Boy Fest!


“Adopt” some friends for the weekend.Not everyone is lucky enough to have their family visit them, but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t be part of the fun. Invite your friends to go out for a meal with your family, or at least take the time to introduce them. 


No matter what you decide to do this Parents’ Weekend, have a great time with your family!