Voodoo Review

On October 25-27, 2019 the annual Voodoo Festival in New Orleans came to town. I went to the festival on October 26 and was not familiar with many of the artist playing except for the headliner, so I was in for a surprise. Additionally, this was my first time going to Voodoo festival. 

Most of the music festivals I have been too have only had music at the festival to entertain you, so Voodoo festival was unique. Besides the music, there was also many local food vendors, a mini amusement park, a haunted house, a fake cemetery, and many other things. Due to the timing of the festival (right near Halloween) I was a big fan of the haunted house. The actors in the haunted house made the house extremely scary to walk into because it was pitch black inside and the actors would unexpectedly scare you. Another unique aspect of the festival was the outfits that were worn at the festival. The Halloween element encouraged attendees to dress up in their craziest costumes, which was definitely an interesting site for anyone attending. 

Finally, the music at the festival was very fun to listen to. There were a mix of many genres to listen to from EDM to indie pop to alternative rock. The lineup this year was pretty impressive. There were many well known artists like Guns N’ Roses, Post Malone, and Beck. Jai Wolf was a new artist I listened to that I was not really familiar with beforehand. He is an electronic based producer and makes mostly EMD music. His set was interesting because he had very cool lighting to go along with his music and was interactive with the audience.  Overall the only true con about the music festival was the deep piles of mud everywhere from the rain. However, the ambiance at the festival made the festival have a good group of people and enjoyable to be at.