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Trending Nail Designs You Should Get Spring 2021

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tulane chapter.

What Nail Designs You Should Get This Spring 2021!


Still have that gold-glitter nail art from New Year’s? It’s definitely time to give your nails a makeover!

This Spring, it’s going to be all about pastels, light colors, and adorable designs for your nails! Getting your nails done is a great way to reward yourself for acing those midterms and preparing for Spring Break!

Here are our top 6 Nail Designs to keep on your radar the next time you get a manicure:



Cloud Nails 

Have you seen those cute cloud sweaters popping up on the internet? Why don’t you get your nails to match? Get them in blue or all colors of the rainbow! Your nails will be making a cute and subtle statement that matches the (hopefully) beautiful weather that spring brings!

Glossy Nails 

There’s no surprise when we say that lip gloss is in right now. Show off your spring spirit with these glossy nails! They’re perfect for a casual outfit or a night on the town, or if you want to flaunt that Y2K style!

Squiggly Nail Art

Is it just me, or are these nails just really satisfying to look at? Squiggly lines are where it’s at this spring! Place this nail art on top of neutrals, pastels, or even clear nails. They’re super duper cute and would look fabulous in a picture next to your twist candle!

Electric French Tips

Want to have French Tips with just a little bit more pop? Ditch the classic white and go for an electric yellow, bold blue, or maybe even a subtle pink! You can even have the color go around the full border of your nails if you’re feeling adventurous. These nails really make a statement without the distraction!

Flower Nail Art

Would it really be Spring without flowers? Embrace your hippie child by getting some sunflowers or daisies painted on your nails. They’re bright, beautiful, and a timeless addition for your nails to match with your spring wardrobe!

Flame Nails

Is your fashion a little on the edgier side? I got you covered! Try out this flame nail art! Trending right now on bags, jeans, and shirts, you can get your nails to match as soft or as eye-popping as you’d like! I currently have this design on my nails and I get compliments all the time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our article on our forecast for Spring 2021’s trending nail designs! Will you go pastels or neons? Matte or gloss? Be sure to also check for more inspiration on apps like Pinterest and Instagram! 

Thanks for reading!

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