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Treat Yoself Post-Midterms

Midterms are done, and it is time to congratulate yourself and treat yoself. Here are at Her Campus, we received our Back to School Survival Kit to help us keep chuggin’ along this semester!!! Here are ways you can use these items to refresh yourself post midterms:

1. Refresh your face

Pamper yourself with some facemasks!! Freeman beauty sent us three kinds- cucumber & pink salt, honey & tea tree oil & charcoal & black sugar- that left our skin feeling soft & revitalized!!

2. Refresh your hair

It can be hard to keep hair lookin’ good during midterms, so dry shampoo was a must!! The Bed Head Rockaholic dry shampoo helped our hair look clean and oil-free, even when it might not be.

3. Jewelry & fun accessories

Aero helped us dress up our denim with some new accessories; such an easy way to look good with little effort.

4. Enjoy a refreshing drink

Sparkling water can be a nice treat for when you’re looking for something sweet, but healthy!! Spindrift’s sparkling water is natural so it can take away the guilt of drinking a carbonated drink!

5. Plan some stuff out

I always feel better after I make plans and have an idea of how the rest of my week is going to go! Erin Condren hooked us up with some planners so we can organize our lives!!!

6. Get your glow back

It’s been awhile since summer so those summer glows have faded fast. Bring that glow back with the L’Oreal sublime bronze towelettes!

7. Enjoy some treats

October means Halloween, which means candy of course!! HiChew sent us some sweet treats so we can get in the holiday spirit with the miniature chewy goodness.

8. Refresh your bathroom

The stress from midterms may cause some to be sick, so protect from germs with the Steripod toothbrush covers!! These are even more critical with flu season coming up, so keep healthy & protect your toothbrush!

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Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Tulane Chapter Senior at Tulane University Majoring in Psychology, Minoring in Public Health Originally from Fort Myers, Florida
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