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Timeline of Weekend Hair

Like many other college students, I am a creature of habit. My weekend hair routine, and that of many of my friends, exemplifies our habitual nature. 

It’s Friday afternoon, and class is finally over. I head back to my dorm, hop in the shower, and make a feeble attempt at Lauren Conrad’s perfect blow dry tutorial. I don’t look instantly fabulous, but that’s what currling wands are for. Twenty minutes later, I have the perfect loose waves. Time to head out to Happy Hour.

Saturday morning rolls around, and last night’s loose waves are still in tact. Yes! But they smell nauseatingly like The Boot. No problem, that’s what dry shampoo is for. (My favorite is Not Your Mother’s “Clean Freak” Refreshing Dry Shampoo.) After spraying half the bottle into my lifeless roots and throughout the rest of my mane, I decide that probably no one will notice I skipped washing… again.

Suddenly it’s Saturday night, and my friends spring last minute dinner plans on me. With hardly any time to get ready, I decide my hair can last one more night. I heat up my trusty curling wand, and touch up the worst problem spots.

It wouldn’t be Sunday morning without a Starbucks run. Nine a.m. has never seemed earlier. I throw on a baseball cap to hide my dishevled locks and rush out the door. 

Sunday afternoon reminds me of all the homework I’ve yet to do all weekend, and I know it’s time to get down to business. I throw my now mop of hair in a topknot, and roll out to Howie T. 

Finally it’s Sunday night, and all my work is done. I apologize to my hair for what it’s been through all weekend. Tonight, after my usual wash-rinse-repeat, I opt for a deep conditioner followed by a leave-in mask. I promise myself that next weekend I’ll do better, knowing all to well that it will be yet another repeat of this one. 


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