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Thoughts Every Tulane Student Has

20 Thoughts Every Tulane Student Has:

  1. “Is this Bruff omelette going to be worth the three hour wait?”

  2. “Yes. A TUStep dog on my way to class. Yes. Yes. Yes.”

  3. “It’s normal for my legs to be in excruciating pain after walking up the Newcomb stairs, right?”

  4. “Wait, they’ve resorted to giving out free tuition to try and get people to come to basketball games?”

  5. “Did PJ’s coffee get better or are my taste buds just slowly giving up the fight?”

  6. “Oooh kid in a suit… business school, pledge, or just really trying to prove himself?”

  7. “She can’t hold down that PJ’s booth by herself for long. At the first sign of weakness I’m pouncing.”

  8. “I haven’t seen my architecture friend in three days. I hope she’s ok.”

  9. “Okay, this is the third group of girls I’ve seen that look exactly the same. Which letters are these ones wearing?”

  10. “Does Mike Fitts personally spray paint these cherry blossoms pink?”

  11. “Do I still have my Boot wristband on?”

  12. “How many more days until Mardi Gras?”

  13. “I’m just going to swipe my splash card and hope I still have WaveBucks left.”

  14. “Oh no, they’re tabling on McAlister- headphones in, head down, avoid eye contact. How did I just end up with three flyers in my hand?”

  15. “We can go to Happy Hour as long as we’re back in time for Shabbat.”

  16. “Hey student affairs, if you’re listening it’s all a joke.”

  17. “A one, a two! A helluva hullabaloo! What’s the next line again?”

  18. “Did I just pay 3x the regular amount for a bag of chips at MacMart? Yep.”

  19. “Hey, a GWA giving a tour! Quick, push back the stress tears and look like you got more than 4 hours of sleep last night. Haha yeah, roll wave guys!”

  20. “How does everyone here know each other already, did I miss something? Oh right, the eight years of summer camp I didn’t attend.”

20 Thoughts Zero Tulane Students Have:

  1. “I’m so glad we chose the word audacious.”

  2. “Organic chem wasn’t even that stressful.”

  3. “Guys, The View from Gibson was killer this morning.”

  4. “City Diner is open for lunch now, we should hit that up instead of the LBC!”

  5. “I know exactly where all of my tuition goes.”

  6. “Mmm, PJ’s dark roast.”

  7. “I really want an immersive, cultural study abroad experience. Madrid in the fall with 100 other Tulane students? Perfect.”

  8. “Anyone need some WaveBucks? It’s the end of the semester and I’m trying to get rid of them.”

  9. “Zeta Psi party? Oh yeah, I’m there.”

  10. “Butler was my first choice for a dorm.”

  11. “I wasn’t planning on majoring in math at Tulane, but that core level class I had to take really convinced me I should.”

  12. “I’m living in Phelps because I like luxury.”

  13. “I wish there were better restaurants near campus.”

  14. “Caroline/Sweet Caroline remix at the Boot? Never heard this before.”

  15. “Tulane guys have a really solid and secure sense of masculinity.”

  16. “’Mardi Pardi!’” was a creative and unique instagram caption that I wish more people would have taken advantage of.”

  17. “Sorority big/little looks really lowkey.”

  18. “Bruff cheese day isn’t even that great.”

  19. “My ratio of Reily swipes to Bruff swipes is totally proportional. Not abnormal in the slightest.”

  20. “Yeah, I go to Tulane. It’s okay I guess, not much to report.”

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