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With 2022 finally coming to a close, we can all acknowledge that this was quite the year for the fashion industry. So many unique, fresh, and lasting trends have emerged, but I was most excited to see the return of clothing popularized in the ‘90s and early 2000s. Not only is the return of old trends fun and convenient, but it’s also a good way to stay ethical when expanding your closet. From Gucci to Goodwill, here are 7 of my favorite comeback trends that I’ve seen since the beginning of January.

  1. Baby Tees

Whether you shop at Brandy Melville or in the kids’ section of Target, baby t-shirts are an everyday style essential. There are so many potential outfits to be made with a neutral baby tee, and you can always grab one with a logo or saying to add some character. Need some inspiration? Look up basically any picture of Paris or Britney and you’ll see why the trend just had to come back!

  1. Cargo Pants

Disclaimer: I might get some pushback on whether this trend really ever went away. Yet still, I believe that this was the year that everyone just collectively decided that cargo pants are here to stay! If you go on almost any fast fashion website, you are sure to find an array of options that reflect what we thrifters have been sorting through for years. The style has even sparked similar trends like cargo sweats and parachute pants. 

  1. Everything Low Rise

As someone who LOVES all things high wasted, I was initially skeptical to see the return of low-rise pants, skirts, and shorts. Yet still, nothing is trendier nowadays than low-rise baggy pants and a crop top. Low rise is perfect for any occasion, from chilling on the couch to a girls night out on the town!

  1. The Color Brown

How can a color fall off? That’s a question I don’t have a genuine answer for. All I know is that brown has made an epic comeback this year in all things fashion. Purses, shoes, skirts, outerwear, belts, hats, you name it! Neutral shades are having their moment right now, and my closet is eating it up. 

P.S. My personal favorite brown style choice is mocha french tips. 

  1. Belly Chains

Belly chains are a cute and fun accessory that pairs perfectly with any other clothing item on this list. There are so many options ranging from colorful beaded chains to elegant gold ones! These accessories come in both packs and individually and are such a fun and easy way to spice up any outfit. 

  1. Flare Clothing 

Flare clothing is the trademark 2022 fashion staple if you ask me. The amount of flare pants I have bought this year and dug out of my mom’s clothes from the early 2000s are actually not okay, and I wear them basically every day. Flare clothing is not limited to pants, though! From long sleeve tops to maxi skirts, this trend has infiltrated everyone’s closet in one way or another.

While these trends may not have been created this year, 2022 fashion would be nothing without them. It’s unclear what the future holds for the fashion industry and its everchanging definitions of what is “in” or not. However, I’d be willing to bet these pieces and other ones from the same era will stick around for now. Let me know your favorite style trends from this year— both new and old!

Hi everyone! My name's Bri and I'm from Philadelphia. I'm a Tulane student in the class of 2025 and I'm majoring in Communications with a minor in Psychology. I love reading and I'm excited to be a part of the HerCampus team!