A Taste of 21st Century Ice Cream

Ice cream has come a long way from the Old Cone Age

About 2.5 million years ago at the end of the last ice age... Real talk, it was invented during the 17th century and originally referred to as "cream ice" because without refrigerators it was mostly cream anyway.

It can now be sandwiched between two warm cookies

This creation is from Diddy Riese in LA, California. The line is always down the street and around the corner, but it's only $2 for a fresh ice cream sandwich. The classic "chipwich" has been taken to a whole new level with different flavor cookies and ice cream. Not to mention it's open until 1 AM, and the perfect spot for late night eats.

Or between macarons

This is about as sophisticated as ice cream gets. Instead of having a coffee next to your macarons, why not freeze it and put it in between?

Even dyed rainbow colors

Yes, this is the one flavor your mom never let you order. This is vanilla flavored "Superman" ice cream from Brendy's in Florida. Trust me, there's a reason I posted a picture of me holding the ice cream versus a selfie after eating it.

Rolled up and topped

Who said rolls were a bad thing? 10Below, in New York City hand rolls the ice cream from scratch turning liquid cream into ice cream right in front of the customer. This Thai inspired dessert comes in a variety of flavors from "s'mores galore," "strawberry shawty," "matcha made in heaven," to "ain't got no thai fo' dat."

But, no matter how much ice cream evolves or how old we get, this will forever break our hearts...

Maybe this heartbreak will be even tragic enough to debut on Taylor Swift's next album.