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Suite Life Survival Guide

Everyone knows having a roommate is hard:  shared living space, no privacy, etc. By the end of freshman year pretty much everyone cannot wait to be back in their own rooms without someone constantly there 24/7. Although living with one roommate is hard, imagine living with 7 other ones. Yup! you heard me 7 OTHER ROOMMATES. In order to survive your communal living space some sort of survival guide must be followed.

Rule #1: Make a cleaning schedule

People often have a misconception that if a group of girls live together, the living space is probably much cleaner than if a group of guys live together. Although sometimes true, people often forget the amount of stuff (makeup, facial products, beauty products, etc.) girls own. Additionally, the “getting ready” process is forgotten as well. Every time there is a plan to go out the suite somehow turns into a warzone of potential outfits and makeup. As a result, a cleaning schedule is crucial for the sanity of everyone in the living space.

Rule #2: Communication is key

Although living with so many people is like a constant party, some sort of conflict will always arise. So, when this does happen, it is extremely important for everyone to talk it out. Sharing a living space with someone who you are upset with is extremely uncomfortable not only for you, but everyone around you. As a result, to save you from resentment the best thing to do is to confront the problem head on. At the end of the day it is important to remember that neither you or your roommates are mind readers.

Rule #3: Make a google doc

One of the most important things in a living space is the décor! (obvs) and living with so many people it is only fair for everyone to chip in a little. In order to stay organized and fair, making some sort of chart of who bought what is extremely important. Lets be real money doesn’t grow on trees especially for college students, so to ensure that everyone puts their part and splits everything evenly and fairly, organization is definitely huge.

Rule #4: Boundaries Boundaries Boundaries

No matter how comfortable you may get with your roommates, boundaries are a MUST. No one wants to walk in on an awkward situation (if you know what I mean). Make a safe word or some sort of signal for everyone else to know if its ok to barge in with a handful of snacks.

Rule #5: Be cool and comfortable

Honestly, this is the most important rule of all. The way to avoid most problems is to just take a step back and be ~cool~. Enjoy the constant party and your new family because when else in your life are you going to live with 7 other amazing people??


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