Student Spotlight: Carlie Wiseman

Carlie Wiseman 2022

Class: Freshman

Major: Neuroscience

Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ

Tulane’s student body is made up of such a diverse group of students from different backgrounds with many different interests. I think it’s important as a student to meet your fellow classmates and find out more about them. One of our students, Carlie Wiseman a freshman from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, sat down with me to discuss her major, Neuroscience, her course load, and how she manages her time at Tulane. Below are some of the questions I asked Carlie:


Q: What made you want to study medicine?

A: Ever since I was little I’ve been fascinated by science and the human body. I couldn’t imagine working towards the goal of being anything else. I want to help people.


Q: Is there a certain specialty you’re interested in as a doctor?

A: I know that I definitely want to work in a hospital and currently I think pediatrics or surgery.


Q: Why Tulane?

A: I fell in love with Tulane the instant I stepped on the campus. It was the perfect school for me academically and socially.  


Q: What courses do you find the most challenging?

A: I find biology courses to be the most challenging because I have to apply myself much more rather than in chemistry where it is a lot of math.


Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10?

A: In five years I will be in the middle of medical school working extremely hard and in ten years I hope to be in my residency or fellowship years.


Q: Who inspires you?

A: My dad is a family physician and has always been my inspiration. His patients always tell me how phenomenal of a doctor he is and I strive to be just as good.


Q: Have you met any children who have inspired you?

A: A little boy name Dillon who is five years old who is paralyzed from the waist down inspires me everyday. He’s so happy and in love with life yet he struggles everyday. He makes me so grateful for everything.


Q: What’s a typical day like with your schedule?

A: I typically have classes for three hours and on Mondays I have three hours of lab. After classes end, I have to study and do homework for the rest of the night while trying to squeeze time in for the gym and seeing my friends.


Q: What’s lab like?

A: I actually really like lab because it gives me the ability to physically apply what I’m learning and better understand by using my hands.


Q: How do you balance a social life?

A: I try to get my work done ahead of time so that I can have some extra time with friends. Professors give a lot of notice before an assignment is due so I never really worry.  


Q: Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the challenging workload?

A: I have never been one to get anxious about school. I don’t typically get overwhelmed with the challenging workload because although it is hard, it’s another step closer towards my goal.


Q: How do you handle it?

A: I handle it by finding other premedical students like myself. By working together whether it is for lab or to study, a lot of the nerves disappear because you have people around you who get what this is like.


I look forward to meeting many more students like Carlie, learning about their life at Tulane, and introducing them to you! They are so much more than just a familiar face we see walking around campus. It’s what makes Tulane so special...