Stress-Free Art Improvement

If you’ve been active on the art side of social media, then surely you’ve heard of “Inktober”, an art challenge when waves of budding artists and well-known professionals alike flock to the hashtag on Instagram and other image-sharing platforms to share ink drawings, ideally posting daily. Although there are other monthly art challenges out there, like “Drawloween” or “Huevember”, none have gained quite the traction that Inktober has.

Many artists opt to assign a prompt to each drawing, either adhering to the official annual prompt list or following a self-made #inktoberpromptlist. Drawings range from tiny scribbles to elaborate illustrations, or even a full narrative, such as was the case with @ninoluva’s angsty vampire romance or @niqvassie’s otherworldly botanical journey. Art supply companies like JetPens also like to jump into the trend with supply lists and contest.

While taking part in an interconnected community can be the most beneficial part of Inktober, artists may be tempted to find gratification and satisfaction through content exposure, or feel pressured to post drawings daily. The founder of the challenge, Jake Parker, expressed his intent on the challenge being a form of self-improvement: "I created Inktober in 2009 as a challenge to improve my inking skills and develop positive drawing habits.” The key is to find enjoyment in creating and improving at art. 

The most fundamental rule to Inktober is to “just pick up a pen and start drawing.” You can do the challenge however you want, the only constant is practicing, getting creative, and having fun!

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