Staff Interview: Emily Straus and Taylor Zinman

Emily is on the left, Taylor is on the right

Where are you originally from?

Emily Straus: Larchmont, N.Y.

Taylor Zinman: Oyster Bay, NY.


How old are you?

ES: 21 years old.

TZ: 20 years old.


When is your birthday?

ES: July 26, 1992. 

TZ: July 24, 1993.  We are almost exactly one year apart!


What is your major at Tulane?

ES: I’m an English and Art History double major, as well as a French minor.

TZ: I’m a Communications major and Art History minor.


What is your aspiring profession?

ES: My goal is to be in fashion publishing, potentially as a writer at a fashion magazine.

TZ: Possibly something in PR or advertising, but I’m still figuring it out!


What is your favorite thing about New Orleans?

ES: All of the French aspects of the city—I love all of the music festivals, and of course the weather!

TZ: Overall, the culture—Mardi Gras, the food, and the weather.


What is your favorite thing about Tulane?

ES: The social scene, the classes I’ve taken and grown to love, and of course the best friends I’ve made.

TZ: The friends I’ve made and being in New Orleans.


What is your favorite about Her Campus?

ES: I joined Her Campus my freshman year, the year that it had started at Tulane.  My favorite thing has been seeing the way Her Campus has evolved and grown, as it has been really fulfilling for me.

TZ: The new friendships I’ve made and the time management skills I’ve learned!