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Spring Break Essentials

Spring break is getting closer, and we’re all anxious to get there (never mind that we’ve only been in school for a few weeks since Mardi Gras). If you’re like me, you’re already debating what to pack for your trip, as it is much more interesting than writing papers or studying for tests. It always helps to plan ahead because packing is not easy. Whether you’re going home, or hitting the beach, packing for spring break can be a struggle. Will it be hot or cold? How many shirts/dresses/shoes do I need? If you’ll be in a warm climate during spring break, here are some essentials that you should pack in your suitcase. Hopefully it’ll make the process a little easier for you!

A swimsuit is essential whether you’re on a cruise to the Caribbean, lounging in Gulf Shores, or tanning in your own backyard at home. Pack your favorite swimsuits (two or three or four), varying the styles so you don’t get bored. If you don’t have many swimsuits or are just looking for new styles, stores like Target have large selections to choose from. This season is all about neon colors and bold patterns such as animal print. Try mixing and matching your swimsuits for cute new looks.

If you’re near a beach or lounging by the pool, you will most likely be wearing swimsuits often, if not every day. You will also need something to wear over it when you’re not splashing around in the water or working on your tan. Like swimsuits, cover-ups come in a variety of styles. If you’re a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, try a loose tee and shorts when exploring islands or grabbing lunch with friends. For a resort look, try unbuttoning a casual boyfriend shirt (in linen or chambray) over the swimsuit (shorts optional). Sarongs, swimsuits and shorts but no shirt, casual sundresses, and rompers are other ways to look effortlessly beach chic. Step out of your comfort zone and try some bold colors and patterns—it is spring break after all!
‘Girls’ Night Out’ Pieces 

If you and your best friends plan on hitting the town, bring a few “going out” outfits. These will be a little dressier than your day looks. Satin shorts, liquid leggings, form-fitting dresses, and skinny jeans are all great looks. You don’t have to wear dark colors; bright colors and floral print will also work. Pair a bright tunic with skinny jeans and your favorite wedged sandals and you’re good to go.
Casual Wear 

You might be exploring an ancient city or hitting the boardwalk, but casual wear is a must. Jeans and jean shorts could be paired with tanks or tees, giving you a variety of looks without packing too much. If you don’t follow the “don’t wear white after Labor Day and before Memorial Day” rule like I do, then cute white jeans or white shorts are another option that can be paired with different options. My favorite looks this season are colored shorts (pastel or bright) and sundresses. Pair any of these outfits with cute sandals or flip-flops for an adorable casual look.
Other Essentials
Please, if you’re going out of the country, don’t forget your passport. It is possibly the most important piece you have with you. As for accessories, don’t pack your great-grandmother’s vintage diamond earrings or the gold charm bracelet your parents bought you when you were ten. Fun, chunky, costume jewelry will spice up any outfit, allowing you more clothing choices even with a limited wardrobe. Cute sunglasses are always a necessity, in whatever style fits you best. For shoes, make sure to bring the basics – flip-flops, sneakers, nice sandals – but if you want to dress a few outfits up, wedged sandals are summery and cute, and will make any casual look dressier. Lastly, pack your sunscreen and aloe vera (the sun is hot, you might burn). We all (or mostly all) want to be bronze upon returning to school, but make sure you sun safely.
Enjoy your break wherever you are, and don’t stress too much about packing. If you pack your essentials and a few extra pieces, you’ll be fine. Spring break is your chance to put aside all school and personal worries. Bon voyage!

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