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The Solution To Your Bland Resume: Campus Job


With the summer quickly approaching, you may feel the every-frightening realization that you should probably start looking for something to do to fill those three months. Whether it be a job, an internship, or taking classes, we’ve all got our work cut out for us.  This pressure comes along with another scary fact- no matter which route you choose to go, you need a resume. As college students, having an impressive resume filled with high-quality experience is often a struggle. Look no further- Tulane sophomore Abbie Sussman has the solution to your bland, high-school award-filled resume.

This solution goes by the name of Campus Job. Campus Job is an online hub for amazing companies from across the country to reach out to and hire college students for part time jobs. As many of us know, it is nearly impossible to get an interesting and engaging job on Tulane’s campus these days, and for those of us without cars we’re left with little options. That is what makes Campus Job so cool- many of its job offerings do not even require you to leave your dorm room, yet they give you real-life experience. Many employers using Campus Jobs are seeking out students to be engaged with their brands and become ambassadors on their campus. Others are merely looking for local babysitters, even bartenders. The opportunities are widespread and endless.

Because Campus Job’s Tulane site is constantly updated with new employers on a daily basis, it is now easy to find that resume-boosting part time job you need to get hired for an internship this summer. Better yet, maybe you’ll find your dream summer job right on the site. Enter the most exciting part of all of this- your membership on Campus Job is free! Abbie works with Campus Job to ensure that Tulane students get the jobs they want, and has gotten the word out on our campus about this great site.

So what are you waiting for? Go to www.campusjob.com/refer/abbies or reach out to Abbie Sussman today to get signed up for this great opportunity.


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