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Snoop Dogg vs. Rebelution

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tulane chapter.

It’s the question of the hour – “Hey, are you going to Snoop Dogg tonight?” For me, the answer is no. Why, you might ask?
Well because I bought my tickets to Rebelution, a popular Reggae band from California, quite some time ago, and they are playing at the House of Blues. And as some of you might now, I love the House of Blues! I’ve seen Mike Posner, Girl Talk, and, after tonight, Rebelution. I’m also from California, so any chance to feel some of that Cali love, I’ll take it, but this is not to say that I didn’t seriously consider chucking my night at the HOB NOLA for a chance to “Drop It Like It’s Hot” in McAlister Auditorium with Snoop.
I’ve seen Snoop Dogg before, and I can tell you, those who have tickets are in for a real treat. Snoop Dogg will give you a good show and you’ll definitely have tons of fun. I saw him a couple of summers ago when he toured with Slightly Stoopid, Stephen Marley, and Mickey Avalon, and might I tell you, those four were a funny bunch. He might not be with his same counterparts, but as long as you’re feelin’ the music and have on your rasta colors, I know you’ll enjoy the show.
The concert dilemma was a probably a tough call for many, as Snoop Dogg and Rebelution fit into the same Reggae genre and Rebelution is actually very similar to Slighly Stoopid, a band that Snoop often tours with. For those of you who are going to Snoop, I hope you absolutely love it as much as I did! Feel the good vibes, bump your head, and enjoy yourselves! For it won’t belong before you’re listening to Rebelution too and enjoying maybe even Snoop and Rebelution at the same concert – now that would be the perfect Tuesday night!

Catherine Combs is a Tulane University Alumna, who majored in Communications and Political Science. She  has always had a soft spot for books, writing, and anything Chanel. When not searching for the final touches to her latest outfit idea, she can be found reading.