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Second Semester Senior Year as Told by Grey’s Anatomy

Second semester senior year is equally thrilling and terrifying. On one hand, the whole post-grad world is ahead of you complete with prospects of an actual paycheck and stylish yo-pro wardrobe. But on the other, you’re mere months away from leaving the people you’ve spent the last four years with and the chances of getting an job to earn that paycheck seem questionable at best. The ups and downs of this semester mimic that drama-fueled trials of one of our favorite guilty pleasures: Grey’s Anatomy. So here to sum up some of the most memorable feelings from senior year are our tried and true friends from Seattle Grace.

Grey’s Anatomy Fun Fact: for all us seniors out there, Grey’s premiered on March 27, 2005 making us 5th graders at the time. Yep, pretty scary considering we’re about to graduate from 16th grade.

Excitement–the rest of the semester is ahead and, to borrow a graduation speech cliché, the world is your oyster. You know you should be figuring out post-grad plans but an easy schedule and seemingly endless lazy days ahead with your closest friends make it hard to stress too much.

Sheer panic–reality sets in. What do I do if I can’t find a job? How do I make new friends after graduation? Do I even remember how to socialize with people who haven’t known me for the last four+ years?

Nostalgia—Remember that professor you hated or the roommate you never really got along with? They are now your most cherished friends. Everything from a simple trip to the bookstore to dinner at your favorite restaurant might be “the last time we ever _______.” Expect some tears in the middle of the dining hall.

Acceptance—all good things must come to an end, right? As amazing as these last four years have been, you realize that there are still good times to come. And really, what’s more exciting than planning reunion trips with all your friends the moment commencement ends?

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