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Save the Fly: An Uptown Necessity

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tulane chapter.

The Fly is a beautiful grassy area along the Mississippi River that’s known and loved by students of Tulane. My favorite way to start the weekend is grabbing a bunch of friends and watching the sunset, accompanied by great music and snacks while laying on the grass! Unfortunaltey, though, a sports club is planning on taking over a large portion of the beloved space to build a turf field and other recreational buildings. This controversial construction project is getting students and locals up in arms; a “Save The Fly” petition is circulating around Facebook, as well as talk of protest. What do you think? There are pros and cons to both sides…but I must say, I really hope The Fly stays untouched and accesible to all who enjoy it’s beauty.  

Modern-Day Buddha.
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